Summer of HPC 2021 winners

Ambassador award: Carola Ciaramelletti and Jenay PatelCarola and Jenay have both been awarded the Ambassador Award for their joint and collaborative effort on Project 2118 – exploring Molecular Dynamics on Quantum Computers. Together, they were active in blogging, keeping readers up-to-date with their research and findings throughout the course of the summer. When writing about their Summer of HPC journey, both participants clearly explained their project using language that would enable members of the non-academic community to understand – something essential for a HPC Ambassador. Furthermore, they together worked very hard to prepare a project presentation video, which succinctly explained their work. Carola and Jenay worked as an excellent team and both our ambassadors produced exceptional work, which we believe stemmed from their great teamwork as a pair. Due to their great teamwork, and how their joint collaboration enables and enforces their work, we have decided to award both ambassadors equally for their outstanding work.

Best performance award: Mario Gaimann and Raska Soemantoro
Mario and Raska worked on a particularly challenging project and on their own developed an automated tool to recognize seabed structures. They worked very hard on this project, researching the various AI methods available to them and deciding on which methods were best to use. Furthermore, through their own initiative they researched, identified and learned various technologies and tools to use for their project. The outcomes of their work far exceeded the initial expectations of the project. Indeed they will aim to publish their results through funding via the HPC-Europa3 scheme.

Summer of HPC 2021 award ceremony took place at EuroHPC Summit Week 2022 in Paris.