Summer of HPC awards ceremony 2017

31 October 2017, Ostrava Mr. Arnau Miro Jane – Best Visualisation Award Arnau’s video is understandable for a lay person’s audience and links to current events such as climate change. The video will be an excellent example to show students

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Visualising how the World’s Centre for Supercomputing Shifted over the Last Decade

1. Introduction In an age marked by data-driven knowledge, visualisation plays a major role for exploring and understanding datasets. Visualisations have an amazing ability to condense, analyse, and communicate data as if telling a story with numbers. In contrast to

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No Tenim Por

The candle vigil at La Rambla and Catalunya.

~ We Are Not Afraid ~ When I last wrote for this blog we were having a good time at “La Festa” – mild injuries notwithstanding. This was, as we all know by now, rudely interrupted by the terrible event

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The Clusters of Supercomputers: The Top500 List in the Eyes of Machine Learning

1. Introduction This summer I started to make my first steps towards the field of HPC. My participation to the SoHPC program sparked my curiosity about this field and I have become willing to learn more about the world’s most

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More results of the matric trifactorization!

After two exciting months, the Summer of HPC comes to an end. However, the last few weeks have been quite intense. On the one hand, Paras and I aimed to visit as many interesting places as possible, but on the other hand

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Adéu, Barcelona.

The sea through the train window

Well, I’m writing this from back home in Norway after a great summer in Barcelona! This time, I’ve decided not to write so much hard scientific stuff as before. For that, I refer back to my two previous posts one on

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A Recipe To Train A Machine

Hi, this is going to be my last post. I am going to introduce to you the machine learning (ML) pipeline in my project 🙂 In short, ML is a set of approaches to make data predictions using a series

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Mmh! Now THIS is a Tasty Kernel!

me, with an afro, eyeing a tasty cuda kernel

Like all entropy-generating processes, the Summer of HPC must come to an end. However, you won’t get rid of me that easily, since there’s still one more blog post left to be done! This time I’ll tell you more about

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Unfinished creative work?

Two months of this summer have passed by very fast. It is the end of my Summer of HPC project and thus the end of my adventure in Scotland. However, is it the end of this project for sure? I’m

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The convergence between High Performance Computing and Big Data

This Summer of HPC in Bratislava is coming to it’s end. A summer which has been full of adventures and amazing experiences, meeting great people and spending a lot of time working hard on the project and learning from it.

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Automated Extraction of Metadata from Climate Simulations: Project Wrap-Up

1. Introduction As the project intensively included the processing of NetCDF datasets, this section serves as a brief background to the NetCDF format and its underlying data structure. NetCDF stands for “Network Common Data Form”. The NetCDF creators (Rew, Davis,

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Cleaning things up

The wonderful and memorable summer, like every good thing, has finally come to an end. Thus, in this post I’ll try to wrap up things with some more remarks on the project and also some interesting pictures from our visit

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Building a reliable model from just a few observations

Welcome to my final blog post on the PRACE SoHPC website! First, I will show you a trick I used for building an accurate model from few data observations. Then I will  introduce the video presentation that summarises my work

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Learning to track objects in 4D data

flowing foam sytem tomographic reconstruction animation 3D

At the time when I wrote my last blog post (check it out if you didn’t read it!) I was quite happy with the state of my Summer of HPC project “Tracing in 4D data“. I had completed the implementation

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The World of 3D Web Visualisation

The summer in Italy is not seeming to end but my stay here does. In my last post I showcased my work which was by that time almost done. From then, the looks didn’t change much, only the underlying stuff

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An Interactive Visualisation to Explore the Top500 List

1. Introduction Among many definitions of visualisation, I prefer when perhaps it was ideally described as the transformation of the symbolic into the geometric (McCormick, 1987). In this sense, visualisation methods are increasingly embraced to explore, communicate, and establish our

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The best of both worlds

comparison between NumPy, Cython and Cython with the OpenCL solver

Sometimes, rejecting unfeasible ideas early enough is a crucial step towards actually solving a problem. In my quest to speed up the ocean modeling framework Veros, I considered the option of restructuring the existing pure Python code in order to

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Cheers to the wee Visualization of a Well-Log correlation!

Greetings from Edinburgh 🙂 During the past few weeks I have been able to finalize the project task that I have been assigned and I am very very excited for that. In a nutshell, a Python based code was developed

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The end, or just another beginning?

As summer ends, I can’t help but rememb Jim Morrison (The Doors) singing “this is the end, my only friend, the end…”. This post also represents an end. It is the end of my Summer of HPC project and hence

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Accelerating physics simulations with data science and vectorization

Last few weeks, it has been a very interesting time here at the Jülich Supercomputing Center. Unfortunately, I only have a bit more than a week to spend on these fascinating topics with the inspiring people here at the center.

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Baptism of Fire

Devil costume with fireworks.

~ how NOT to prepare for an adventure ~ A new beginning The morning broke, as it always does, with the ringing of the clock reminding me of the fact that I should have made the appointment with my bed

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Visualising the World Map of Supercomputers

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”, John Tukey. Introduction Data visualisation continues to change the way we see, interpret and understand the world around us. But it

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More on Deep Q networks

Nature cover

It’s time for another blog post apparently! Just as last time, I have decided to fill it with science! This time I will talk mostly about the “Deep Q Network” and the “Stochastic Gradient Descent” algorithm. These are all fairly

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El Niño around the world

In my last post, I explained what El Niño events were about. In general, El Niño events are part of a bigger oscillation pattern in the climate of Earth called ENSO (El Niño-Southern Oscillation) that changes patterns in temperature and

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CAD is BAD !!

Diamond, Brilliant, Postojna, Stalgamite

Caves , Castles and CAD data extraction – these are the three key subjects of focus in this blog. Now, having spent more than a month in Ljubljana, I have been able to make some progress not only in my SoHPC

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