Summer of HPC is a PRACE programme that offers summer placements at HPC centers across Europe. Up to 30 top applicants from across Europe will be selected to participate. Participants will spend two months working online on projects related to PRACE scientific or industrial work and ideally produce a visualisation and video of their results. The programme will run from July 4th to August 31th 2022. 

Participating in PRACE Summer of HPC

Applications are welcome from all disciplines. Previous experience in HPC is not required. Some coding knowledge is a prerequisite but the most important attribute is a desire to learn, and share, more about HPC. A strong visual flair and an interest in blogging, video blogging or social media are desirable. Applications are open from 24 February 2022 to 26 April 2022 (extended at 12 April 2022).

Eligibility for the programme

The following eligibility apply:

Applicant must be studying at a European Institution at the time of application.
Be late stage undergraduate student and/or masters student.
Be over the age of 18.
Attached latest CV.
Have the minimum prerequisites outlined by projects.
Be able to pass the Code Test.
Student selects at least 2 projects of their choice.
Recommendation returned before the deadline.
Final year students will be accepted as long as they are registered with a European institution at the time of application.
Project preference for placement in the same country is not supported!

More information can be found in the FAQ

How to apply

To apply you will need to complete an application form and provide us with a copy of your CV, reference and code test.

You should receive a confirmation email immediately. If you don’t receive confirmation within a few hours, please get in touch.

Application Form

The application form is available online at PRACE events site (

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