PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 opens applications

Late-stage undergraduate and Master’s students are invited to apply for the PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 programme, to be held in July & August 2019. Consisting of a training week and two months on placement at top HPC centres around


As I said in my first blog post, I came from a city called little Amsterdam because of bikes. Therefore it was obvious that I would buy a bike here. I wanted to buy the cheapest bike possible. You can

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Spooky action at the distance

I would like to start with a joke: Cat walks into a bar… and doesn’t. That is Schrodinger’s cat which shows us how bizarre the quantum world is. Some people understand Schrodinger’s cat experiment in a way that you can

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Frisbee Vlog

Traveling to foreign countries for longer periods of time is always a great experience, especially because you have a chance to really get to know the culture and to meet new people. Making friends abroad might often be a challenging task,

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Flatpacking the data processing system. Innovative IKEA “FåKopp kaffe” system – a case study

After two months of intensive work here in the heart of Scottish pride plains, a time has come to conclude the results and verify the initial expectations. My project was developed as a part of a data processing framework for

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Algorithms and Adventures

In my previous post I discussed Job Scheduling algorithms, now I will tackle how we are approaching working with them. In my project, the NEXTGENIO research group (which is part of PRACE) have made a HPC system simulator that allows

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Programming LED lights

In my previous post I summed up what it is like to build up a Raspberry Pi based “supercomputer”. Since Raspberry Pi is a versatile device there are many more fun things one can do with it besides just running programs

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Importance of a Sensei and HPC kung fu!

  This time I would simply like to boast the awesomeness of my Sensei, here at Cineca, who has been indirectly, gelled with some fascinating and intriguing conversations, teaching me HPC kung fu! Well, it is me grasping more than

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The Ballad of Fast Multipoles

In fields of complex numbers forests of many an-octree a lone student now slumbers unknowing of horrors to be The slug-dragon lurks yonder its square head a dim wonder daren’t thither unarmed wander lest ye are of death fonder First

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If your problem is too big, get a GPU to do the work!

Hello again, it is time to update you on my project and since Marc already told you what lattice Quantum Chromodynamics is about we can dive right in. To deal with QCD, we take a four dimensional space-time lattice and

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Canoeing in Little Danube

Bratislava is a great city. The first thing that caught my attention when my airplane landed at Bratislava airport was the big green landscapes. The first impression of the city was really great and I couldn’t wait to explore the

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Is your code malleable?

Grey cast iron, white cast iron, ductile iron, malleable iron,……. Oh my gosh, so many types of cast iron! What is the difference? This was the question which always used to annoy me when I was graduating as a mechanical engineer.

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A HPC System and Web Visualization with Grafana

What is a HPC system ?  High performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. Typical users are scientific researchers, engineers, data analysts. In the race for Exascale supercomputer systems,

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Chat with PhD Student Irina Tihaa about Neuroelectronics

This Friday the JSC’s summer students arrived, which meant that I was able to tag along for their introductory tour of the Jülich Föreschungszentrum. We cycled around the campus with our guide, Irina Tihaa, a PhD student studying “neuroelectronics”. I

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If your problem is too big, make it smaller!

Welcome back everyone! Finally, we are ready to talk about the project. Recalling what I said in my previous post, when doing lattice QCD simulations, I said that we need to “let evolve” the quarks. More precisely, we need to

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Simulating the behaviour of mutated PI3Kα with metadynamics

Hello again everyone, Pedro here! Much has been going on here in Athens, as I have now delved into my project. I’m studying the effects of the E545K mutation of the PI3Kα (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase α) protein using molecular dynamics with

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Building up a “supercomputer”

The official title of my project is “Parallel Computing Demonstrations on Wee ARCHIE”. One would therefore probably expect me to be spending most of my time playing around withWee Archie.  For those who don’t know yet, Wee Archie is a

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Visualizations in Bologna, CINECA – Italy

Hi from Bologna ! 🙂 It has been 5 weeks since I came to Bologna. It is a small and enjoyable city. I stay in the center of the city. CINECA, Italy’s HPC center is a bit far off the center.

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Assembling genome, one nucleotide at a time

It has been a bit more than a month since my project began. Initially, the learning curve was rather steep as the project I am working on, ABySS, a bioinformatics software for assembling DNA sequences is complex and consists of

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HPC on a single-core machine. Is it possible ?

Hello everyone! It’s been already 1 month here in Castello de la Plana, Spain for the PRACE Summer of HPC programme and one thing I have realized for sure is that the time passes really fast when you are having

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Electrons in a nanotube

SOLID2000 is a simulation program for systems that have symmetry in three dimensions, such as crystals. The code is written mostly in FORTRAN77 and FORTRAN95. My project is to parallelize the calculation of the band structure using MPI, which is

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A super(computing) tour

So, James and I went on a tour to visit the machines we’re working with, Salomon and Anselm supercomputers. We were guided by the IT4I institute director Branislav Jansík, and it was soon apparent he is acquainted with just about every

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Radiation, invisible power around you

Hello everyone ! Life is fantastic in Ljubljana. Working in the surroundings of wonderful mountains makes me feel like a hero of a fairy tale. We’ve changed the month in the calendar but I still can’t believe how fast time

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I’ve been interviewed!

Hello everybody! It’s already august. This summer  is going by really quickly. We have already worked a lot, but there are still many things to do till the end of of this month! About myself and about Slovenia, almost nothing

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Job Scheduling Algorithms and The Open at Carnoustie

I’m well underway into the PRACE Summer of HPC program and my project is going well. I am working with Dr. Nick Johnson (link) on the NEXTGENIO  project (link). Here is an introduction to my project. HPC systems are expensive

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