Visualizing European Climate Change

Visualizing European Climate Change

Project reference: 1710

The project aims to  familiarise the successful candidate to use output data from regional climate models  and apply advance  visualization tools to present climate and climate change data in a user-friendly manner (e.g. contour maps, time-series, animated gifs etc). The project will include intensive post-processing of climate output.

Temporal  Taylor plots for surface  temperature averaged over Europe for summer and winter 1990-2008. Source: Katragkou et al., Regional climate hindcast simulations within EURO-CORDEX: evaluation of a WRF multi-physics ensemble, Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 603-618, 2015.

 Project Mentor: Dr Eleni Katragkou

Site Co-ordinator: Ioannis Liabotis

Learning Outcomes:

The successful candidate will learn how to post-process raw climatic output to produce advanced visualization products.

Student Prerequisites (compulsory): 

Good knowledge of visualization tools and techniques

Student Prerequisites (desirable): 

Experience with scripting

Training Materials:



Week 1: basic training

Week 2: training in the use of WRF in HPC GRNET

Week 3-7: building of visualization routines.

Week 8:Final report

Final Product Description: 

The final product will be a set of graphics presenting key climatic variables in various forms ( e.g. contour fields, time series, trendlines, animated gifs etc)

Adapting the Project: Increasing the Difficulty:

More complex visualization tools will be attempted (e.g. 3D animated plot etc)


Post processing tools and libraries are available (cdo, netcdfetc) in ARIS.HPC.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Greek Research and Technology Network and Biomedical Research Foundation


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