Another summer come and gone

Another summer come and gone

The last week of PRACE’s High Performance Computing is just about wrapping up, my colleague and I have just submitted our video presentation and are now working on cleaning up the code and writing up the final report.

Check out our video by clicking here!

Although all the models have been finalized and tested this week’s work is just as important as all the others. In these final days we are structuring the code and writing up documentation such that the work we have done isn’t lost over time, but can be taken over, integrated and used, as was intended, by our supervisors at Hartree Centre.

That sense of peace you get, when you are walking around late at night, the roads are deserted, you have published your video and you are finalizing your work – that sense you get when everything is coming together.

We are also working on the final report, where this has to be written in popular scientific method. I have to say that I like this aspect of the program, where both the presentation and report are to be written in such a way that is accessible to a wider audience. Of course we have to put some technical terms in there to explain all of the things we have executed in our models, some of these aspects being potentially complex to the untrained eye, but we do our best to explain these terms and why we chose the methods that we did.

This has been the style that I have also been using in my previous posts, which you can find here. I can’t say if I would have found SoHPC’s program last year or not, without this initiative, or if I would have been immediately attracted or not, but what I can say now, is that I hope some other student stumbles upon these blogs, and our videos, and thinks: wow this is cool.

If you are reading this and debating whether or not to apply, or if you have already been accepted and debating whether or not to go, I can say it’s worth it. Sure it will be a lot of work, and over your summer break, but the experience gained and knowledge learned is without question worth it.

Well, thanks for following along my journey, it is goodbye for now …

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