Or sum up of a summer upon HPCs. Index In my one + three blog posts, I tried to present every 20 days a different aspect. Me + three relatively different topics that combined provide the basis of my unique …

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Hello, my friends. Today we will learn how to cook the dish show bellow, in Python, using PyQt5. I don’t know if you see it yet, but bellow is a dish of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Still don’t …

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0 Setup Picture this.It’s 7 a.m. in the morning. Nobody speaks. You just woke up. You unpleasantly turn the lights on. You do your personal hygiene and other morning routines.You sit in kitchen, prepare breakfast, make coffee and pour milk …

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The first week of July in Bologna, I got the opportunity to learn about High Performing Computers and High Performing People.

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arsenios and marconi

What does a biologist do inside a supercomputer facility? Read this post to find out!

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Project reference: 1922 Gyrokinetic simulations are essential for better understanding of the plasma turbulence. For that purpose, a variety of non-linear gyrokinetic codes are being used and further developed, such as GENE, GYRO, ELMFIRE etc. These codes differ in numerics, …

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