As I explained in previous posts, I’m following a transfer learning approach to training the model that I will use to detect action units on faces. This means that I’m going to be taking an existing network, removing a few …

The hyperparameter realm: teaching facial expressions to a DNN Read More »

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Last weekend I finally went to Prague! Which was about time because I’m living in the Czech Republic. Apart from being one of the cheapest European capitals I’ve been to there are so many beautiful things to do, like visiting …

Data preprocessing: challenges and mitigations Read More »

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A month has passed since my stay in IT4Innovations started. Apart from working on my project, which I will comment on below, I’ve been spending my weekends exploring Ostrava and some nearby cities.The first weekend started with a bang at …

Deep emotion recognition Read More »

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Hi everyone! My name is Pablo Lluch and I was born and raised in the hot and sunny south of Spain. However, I go to university in Edinburgh, UK where I’m doing my bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. …

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Project reference: 1917 Deep neural networks (DNNs) are evaluated and used in many areas today, to replace or complement traditional technologies. In this project, the student will develop a DNN to detect and localize selected objects in images. The work …

Object Detection Using Deep Neural Networks – AI from HPC to the Edge Read More »

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