Pablo Lluch

Pablo Lluch

Hi everyone! My name is Pablo Lluch and I was born and raised in the hot and sunny south of Spain. However, I go to university in Edinburgh, UK where I’m doing my bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. I recently came back from studying my third year abroad in Toronto, Canada where I developed a big interest in computer vision thanks to a very eye-opening course I took, which led me to apply to the summer of HPC. My main interest at the moment is applying Machine Learning to computer vision tasks like object classification or detection, super-resolution and creating interfaces for better human-computer interaction.

Picture of me at my garden before leaving for summer of HPC

I’m going to be based in Ostrava, Czech Republic this summer, where I’ll have mentoring and access to a supercomputer provided by IT4Innovations, a supercomputer centre part of the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava. The project I’ll be doing consists of creating a deep neural network able to perform real-time object detection on the HPC side, and then optimise it and deploy it to an edge device.

I’m writing this post from Bologna, Italy, during the training week. Here, we had the chance to get a glance at the supercomputers located at Cineca supercomputer centre and got lectured about a few HPC-relevant topics like parallel computing, OpenMP or GPU Programming. So that’s all for this post, HPC folks, stay tuned for future blogs if you want to follow my journey at the Czech Republic this summer!

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