Jordy Ajanohoun

Jordy Ajanohoun
Me front of an entrance into a supercomputer room at CINECA centre

Hi! I am Jordy Ajanohoun, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Engineering Student.

Welcome to my blog !

I am a 22 years old french student in the last year over 5 of my Master of Engineering program at Sorbonne University (Paris, France). In September 2019 I will start a double degree in Montreal, Canada, at ETS school where I will study Computer Graphics (3D graphics, animations, visualization etc) using HPC (High Performance Computing) too and making a related dissertation.

Me in front of the entrance of the Cineca centre during the training week

To wake up every day with this same desire to create, to build. So impressed and passionate by computer science from computer architecture to web development passerby HPC without forgetting video game programming. Excited when discovering a new technology or programming language, imagining all possible combinations with. This is who I am.

This is an example of what I have done by curiosity in order to know more about making video games. It is available on GitHub.

This is a gameplay records of a game I made 5 months ago, using Unreal 4.21 combining C++ & Blueprint.

I am curious, it is why I am supplementing my schooling with MOOCs about different topics like web programming. I made this static personal portfolio website one year ago for instance.

Why the PRACE Summer of HPC (SoHPC) ?

I think it is clear now that I am completely crazy about science, computer programming, and I.T.! Furthermore I feel comfortable with HPC and tools like OpenMP, MPI and vectorization because I have had a very good course about the topic. Thus, PRACE Summer of HPC was definitely THE place to be for me !

In my opinion, HPC is a milestone for scientists and industrialists not only because it is useful but also because it has become necessary in fields such as: neural networks, cryptography and databases to search or sort out information. Here is one example of cool stuff we can really do with HPC! I have done it with Thizirie Ould Amer, a classmate of mine also taking part in the SoHPC 2019.

Parallel computing on a path-tracing sequential algorithm that performs a photo-realistic rendering with global illumination of a 3D image.

This program is an amazing and wonderful occasion to acquire new knowledge and go further in HPC. I am so proud and honored to have been selected among applicants from the whole Europe ! I really like interacting with people, to discuss with other participants as well as mentors and specialists from different backgrounds. For me, it is the most rewarding aspect of the SoHPC. They all are awesome ! Traveling is also playing an important part in my happiness here in Bologna. The opportunity to go on top with HPC centers across Europe, see HPC computers, discover other cultures and so much more. What else could I ask for? This training week is already unforgettable.

Produce. Relate. Acquire. Challenge. Explore. This is also what PRACE stands for !

What’s next ?

After this training week, I will be in charge of the project 1915, Distributed Memory Radix Sort, in Dublin, Ireland. You can learn more about that here but above all, my blog is definitely YOUR place to be for that and much more!

Follow me in this incredible and exciting adventure ! I want to share it with you.

Feel free either to comment or to contact me for any kind of questions about me or SoHPC. If you have some advise for me I am here too!

#Here to face challenges.

A little extra for you

My feelings after the first day !

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Hello! My name is Jordy and I am 22 years old. I am a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Engineering student. Currently, I am searching for the One Piece. You know, this famous treasure let by Gol D. Roger in the famous manga which is my favorite. Between us, I know that the One Piece is something related to computer science and HPC but keep it secret!

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