Marconi invented radio in 1898. Today he is working on Gravitational Waves

1.3 billion years ago. Two blackholes which had being dancing, spiraling inexorably, for millions of years, finally merged in a distant region of the universe, rippling space-time . December 10th, 1909. Around 1000 guests are reunited at the Stockholm City

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Antonio Miranda

Hi everyone. I am Antonio Miranda, writing from Bologna, where the second step of this adventure is taking place! And I say second because, as opposed to many of my colleagues, my journey actually started in Barcelona. There I had

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HPC application for candidate drug optimization using free energy perturbation calculations

Project reference: 1911 The advent of technological advances in the field of computer-aided drug design has streamlined the drug design process, making it more cost- and time-efficient. One of the most important tasks in the lead optimization phase of the

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