All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances… William Shakespeare I admit this is a bit pathetic, but maybe it’s the end of these great two months which …

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In contrast to my last post, where I tried to explain the concept behind the technology, in this one I try to describe a bit how a typical day in my research looks like, and what kind of results I …

The daily routine in HPC or “How to write a paper in 10 days” Read More »

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Welcome to my first blogpost about my project in Edinburgh! I have to admit, the heading is quite dramatic, and I’m not sure if I can live up to your expectations while talking about some obscure computing topic, for which …

What is active messaging? or “the master thief” Read More »

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Benjamin in front of a wooden column

Hi Summer-of-HPC-website-reader, I’m Benjamin from Regensburg in Germany. I started studying physics in 2013, and I really loved it (and still love it). But somehow during my master I realized, that even more than the pure physics, the programming and …

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Project reference: 1909 One of the grand challenges of HPC is providing programming tools that enable the programmer to write parallel codes capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of cores. Task-based programming models are seen as …

Task-based models on steroids: Accelerating event driven task-based programming with GASNet Read More »

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