No internet? Let the game begin

Dear reader, I know it has been only a few days since my last post, and I am also aware that you are not used to listening (or maybe reading!) from me so often. However here, at BSC, we are

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We arrived at BSC; now what?

It was only recently that I realized this experience called SoHPC is already midway through and since it has been almost an entire month that I have been silent I decided to drop a few lines in order to give

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Dimitris Voulgaris

Everything started so unexpectedly, and yet here I am in a beautiful country with some amazing people learning about the worldwide scientific shift. But let’s go to the beginning of this adventure. First things first, I am Dimitris, 23 years

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Analysing effects of profiling in heterogeneous memory data placement

Project reference: 1901 Supercomputers are a key tool for professionals from many disciplines to address society challenges, enabling them to perform, e. g., climate change simulations or genome analysis. European Commission’s high-performance computing (HPC) Strategy, implemented in the Horizon 2020

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