Making Waves

This week, I show how I created animations for collective communications and moved them to Wee Archie (with videos) and introduce the wave simulator. I’ll talk about issues with my system on Wee Archie and how this will affect my goals going forwards. Make sure not to miss the cute …

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Teaching a Pi to Talk

[Video] So, I’m sure you’re wondering what the above video shows. It’s the product of my first week of work here in Ediburgh, and is called a “Wee Archlet”. It is called this because it is a cluster of Raspberry Pis, much like Wee Archie, but smaller…

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Caelen Feller

About Me Hello! My name is Caelen, and I’m from Ireland. I’m currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree in mathematics in Trinity College Dublin. I love interesting solving interesting problems, and sharing them with others. When I

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Parallel Computing Demonstrators on Wee ARCHIE

Project reference: 1907 EPCC has developed a small, portable Raspberry-pi based cluster which is taken to schools, science festivals etc. to illustrate how parallel computers work. It is called “Wee ARCHIE” (in fact there are two versions in existence) because

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