Allison and Kara in Zaanse Schans

Just a quick info: This blog post was written by Allison Walker and Kara Moraw. Due to a missing plugin, the shared authorship is not displayed correctly, so we’re letting you know like this instead. ** This post is intended …

8 weeks in Amsterdam: Too Dutch of a good thing? Read More »

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Bird pun, check. Now let’s move on to the next installation of Allison’s Summer of HPC blog! A quick recap: my project is all about improving the accessibility of meteorological radar data for ornithologists at the University of Amsterdam. These …

The Power of an Im-PECK-Able Viz Read More »

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Greetings dear audience. Sorry that I’ve been a little radio-silent over the last week. I guess you could say I dropped off the radar. Read on for another riveting installation of ‘Allison’s summer of HPC’. It’s hard to believe, but …

Removing the data processing ‘bird’en with Spark Read More »

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It’s the end of my second week at SURFsara, and I’m off to a flying start. As much as I would love to get into the nitty gritty of my project and all of its technical components, I will save …

Why give a flock about bird migration? Read More »

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Buon giorno! I am currently sitting on a plane headed for Amsterdam where I will begin my HPC project, and I thought I would take this opportunity to compose my next blog update.  We have officially finished our orientation week …

SoHPC Orientation Week: a reflection Read More »

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Hi all! I’m Allison, and I have the great pleasure of being one of the participants in the 2019 Summer of HPC Program.  I am Canadian born, Australian raised, and I have just finished studying in Spain. My professional background …

Allison Walker Read More »

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Project reference: 1921 Ecologists studying animal movement require integrating multiple kinds of data coming from different sources. In particular, at SURFsara we are helping ornithologists to work with a new stream of radar data. Where the researchers are used to …

Large scale data techniques for research in ecology Read More »

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