Noe Brucy

Noe Brucy
The Whirlpool galaxy. I made this image with friend at the Observatory of Haute Provence.

About me

Hi, I’m Noe

I’m a French student and I do astrophysics, studying disks in the Universe.

In short, I’m making numerical simulation of the gas orbiting young stars, trying to investigate how planets form. I made a short video, where we see it rotating. Have a look a it !
Video of a simulated protoplanetary disk.

My work is not just making nice videos, I also spend a lot of time writing code, solving bugs and trying to understand  the physics explaining what is happening my simulations.

Next year I will do a PhD and I will try to run more ambitious simulations of a whole galaxy, trying to get the best resolution possible. That is still a disk but at a (much) bigger scale! I will use the next generations of supercomputers, and take advantage of the upcoming GPUs architecture. That means that I need learn how to compute on graphic cards instead of processors, and it’s why I applied to SoHPC.

The Whirlpool galaxy. I made this image with friends at the Observatory of Haute Provence.

My SoHPC Project

The goal of my SoHPC project is to compute interaction between molecules, and to do it fast using GPUs. That may sounds far for astrophysics but the electrical force between two molecules is very analogous to the gravitational force between stars in the Galaxy. So I have just to replace “molecule” by “star”, “charge” by “mass” and I can apply what I will learn this summer to my favorite field.

The training week

The first week in Bologna is all about meeting new friends, mixing up languages between English, French and Italian, eating Pasta and Pizza and learning how to do parallel programs. We are a lot, and each one of us has a different culture that is worth sharing. A fair amount of the day is spent in training lessons, but we still have plenty of time to exchange and appreciate the stay together.

The survival kit in Bologna. Yes there is sun, and it is really hot.

What’s next ?

On Saturday I will take the train to Jüelich in Germany (that’s almost 13 hours because I chose to take the night train), the first step of a new adventure. In the next post, I will talk about GPUs, tasks, and I hope, bikes …

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