A video of my work is published on the Youtube. For anyone who is interested, it can also be viewed here. The details of my project can be found in this github repository, https://github.com/ljchan1/SoHPC_19. Also, a magazine will be published …

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This will be the last blog post, so Martin, don’t be sad. Before leaving this amazing summer school, let me sum up what I achieved. In overall, this experience has been amazing. Although there were ups and downs throughout my …

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As promised, this is the picture of the house I am living in right now. Pretty good, right? Not as good as it seems though as I do not have air-conditioner in the house!!! I have to live in the …

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Introduction :: Who am I?Hello World, I am Li Juan Chan. I am currently a fourth year mechanical engineering student from the University of Manchester. You might be wondering how a mechanical engineering student ended up in a HPC research …

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Project reference: 1905 I/O is recognized to be the main bottleneck to achieve the Exascale computing, which is up to 1000x faster than current Petascale systems. The main cause can be identified in the disproportion of the rate of change between …

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