What Is Going On??

What Is Going On??

As promised, this is the picture of the house I am living in right now. Pretty good, right? Not as good as it seems though as I do not have air-conditioner in the house!!! I have to live in the hot weather of Italy only with a fan!

As for my project, wonder what I am doing right now? I was initially assigned to work on the simulation of diesel engine. However, due to the confidentiality of the content, the object was changed from diesel engine to airfoil. Even so, it does not really matter much because the purpose of my research is to study the scalability of Paraview Catalyst. One may ask what is Paraview Catalyst? Let me break it down for you. Paraview is basically a post-processing tool for scientific simulation. It allows scientists to view the result of simulations. Remember I told you in the last blog about the colourful airflow animation around an airplane. Yes, you are right, you can do that in Paraview. The picture at the bottom is what I did using Paraview. It may not be obvious but there are two small airfoils inside the colourful “filter-shaped” object. Catalyst is just a feature of Paraview that allows scientist to view the result while running the simulation. It may not sound like a big deal but it can significantly reduce the time for post-processing. Traditionally, post-processing consumes a huge amount of time due to the slow data transfer between processor and storage. Another benefit of Catalyst is it allows scientists to identify the errors while carrying out the simulation.

Currently, I am still working on my project. My aim is to determine whether the benefit of using Catalyst will increase or decrease when the number of processing power increases. This is done by running a lot of simulations and plotting a number of scaling graphs. Curious about the result too? Stay tuned!!!

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