What Do Surfers and Electrons Have in Common

In this blogpost I will try to explain the project in which I am participating. The project is called Visualisation of Electron – Phonon Coupling in Organic Semiconducting Materials. I am assuming that the main target audience for this blogpost is

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SoHPC Team Scores Last in Pub Quiz!

A mixed German-Austrian-Finnish-Turkish team scored last in Monday’s pub quiz at Reverie in Newington Road, Edinburgh, and earned nothing but laughter and disgust for the worst joke ever. We won’t tell it here, no chance. The evening started when our

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Edinburgh: Where Future and Past Bump into Each Other

This week 24 young students meet in the historical town of Edinburgh. We are coming from different countries all over Europe in order to discuss how we could solve open problems which affect the mankind since long time. This problems

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