In this last blog post, I will review the experience of my associate Sara and myself within the summer of HPC in a quantum computing analogy. Since we did not know if the summer of HPC would be good or …

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Hey Folks, it is been a while since I started my adventure in quantum computing at the Irish Center for High-End Computing and so far it is mind-blowing. Together with my colleague Sara, we started implementing an algorithm to compare …

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A new journey begins. What should I take with me? Normally I would start packing my luggage with underwear. One for each day and the extra one I still take with me even though I am 26. But how do …

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Project reference: 2013 As scalable hardware for quantum computers becomes more of a reality, the development of a software stack and working applications becomes increasingly important; both to investigate what type of problems are well suited to quantum architectures and …

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