SoHPC started about 2 months ago… If you tell me this I think you are lying: how can so many events happen in just two months? I feel like a year passed since the start: we dealt with so many things that I can hardly remember the first ones. By the way, it’s time now to summarize what has been done and how to continue our effort in this project.

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I just have noticed a little problem in my workplace: to be productive I need both fresh air and a calm, silent place. I have two possibilities: I can keep my door open and let the fresh air in (air …

Why we work with persistent memory Read More »

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“Take a look at this, it may interest you…”. I found these words in an email my thesis supervisor sent me last year. Attached to that there was a link, it brought me to the homepage of SoHPC. I started …

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade Read More »

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Project reference: 2005 Charm++ is an open source, parallel programming framework in C++, supported by an adaptive runtime system. It uses objects called chares which hold data, and methods to act on that data, which can be invoked emotely by …

Charm++ Fault Tolerance with Persistent Memory Read More »

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