It has been a few weeks after the summer of HPC (soHPC) has finished, and I wanted to wait a bit before giving my final thoughts on the works made during these two past months. In the first place, I …

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DNA sequence alignment algorithms use heuristics methods in order to cope with the high volume of data that is passed to them. These approaches, usually run on super computing clusters, take days to finish due to the amount of data, …

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Hi! In this post, I would like to introduce myself as a former participant of the Summer of HPC (SoHPC) 2020, hosted by the PRACE. Who am I? I am Sara Duarri Redondo, a 22-years-old geneticist who is currently finishing …

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Project reference: 2013 As scalable hardware for quantum computers becomes more of a reality, the development of a software stack and working applications becomes increasingly important; both to investigate what type of problems are well suited to quantum architectures and …

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