Reaching the shore

It’s the 2nd of September now, and I am back in the Czech Republic again. I left Dublin 2 days ago, after finishing the work on my Summer of HPC project in ICHEC. So, let’s have a look back now

Shallow waters – the waves start to spread

I started the work on my project by exploring the provided simulation code. This is always a great adventure by its own, studying a code someone else has written before you. To those who never tried it, you definitely should.

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Deep exploration of shallow waters

I was invited to participate in SummerOfHPC for the last moment, because one of the guys had some complications and had to cancel his participation. I was really surprised and happy to get this unexpected opportunity all of sudden. So,

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Jiří Blahoš

My name is Jiří Blahoš. Currently I am 23 years old, and I live in Ostrava – the third largest city in the Czech Republic, located on the east side of the country. My hobbies include sports (tennis, biking, basketball,

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