Frisbee Vlog

Traveling to foreign countries for longer periods of time is always a great experience, especially because you have a chance to really get to know the culture and to meet new people. Making friends abroad might often be a challenging task,

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Programming LED lights

In my previous post I summed up what it is like to build up a Raspberry Pi based “supercomputer”. Since Raspberry Pi is a versatile device there are many more fun things one can do with it besides just running programs

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Building up a “supercomputer”

The official title of my project is “Parallel Computing Demonstrations on Wee ARCHIE”. One would therefore probably expect me to be spending most of my time playing around withWee Archie.  For those who don’t know yet, Wee Archie is a

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Auld Reekie might be tricky.

Hello! I am Eva, a Numerical and Computational mathematics student from Prague, Czech Republic. My main field of interest is numerical linear algebra, specifically all kinds of matrix calculations. Just recently, I started to focus on discrete inverse problems as a part

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