Patching things up

While most Summer of HPC projects involve creating mind-blowing visualisations, the main aim of mine is to edit visualisation software source code. Rather than producing a single impressive visualisation, the outcome will result in easing the process of visualisation for

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Discovering the Energy of the Future

The essence of our projects is adding new functionality to existing software. However, as software is only a means to an end, a question arises right away: what is it going to be used for? The answer is an exciting

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Making the science flow

My project here in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is entitled “Visualisation support for scientific workflows with VisIt Kepler actor”. This is specific enough for anyone not knee deep in the field of scientific modelling to not have any clue as to what

The Three Musketeers in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The journey to Ljubljana was a long one – especially for Mathi and Evguenia, who had to catch a flight from Edinburgh at 6am and had a layover in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, after plenty of naps on the plane, the two

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