CFD predicts Wind loading on the Solar Tracker

Why do we need solar trackers? As we all know solar energy is a green energy. There is a increasing installation of the solar trackers each and every year in Europe. And it is more demanding  growing industry since European

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Real case simulation of Solar Tracker using CFD

Open Domain simulation A real case dimension of solar panel is considered for the simulation. Since it is an open domain simulation the boundary condition were based on well-posed boundary condition. In that case here in my simulation domain dimensions

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Magic behind the Most of the CFD solvers for HPC

The Need for Speed Governing equations of the fluid flow problems should be discretized (for example, finite volume, finite element and finite difference) in order to get a good solution (approximation). Discretization has as results system of linear algebraic equations

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Computational fluid dynamics for clean society

My Project My project is on Wind loading on solar trackers in Slovenia and is very interesting from a technological perspective as well as an environmental view and I use computational fluid dynamics as tool for the analysis. My project mentor Mr.

The Three Musketeers in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The journey to Ljubljana was a long one – especially for Mathi and Evguenia, who had to catch a flight from Edinburgh at 6am and had a layover in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, after plenty of naps on the plane, the two

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