R together ZeroMQ: and everything becomes possible!

At the time of writing this post, I have now reached more than half of my summer experience given to me by the Summer of HPC. I can say that Ireland and its climate, a major concern for an Italian

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Binding with ZeroMQ

I have now arrived in the middle of the third week and I can say that I’m getting better at settling into the Irish reality that the Summer of HPC is giving me the chance to live. The initial work was mainly

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Enjoying Ireland with Fionn

The first week of training held in Barcelona had accustomed Ondrej and I too well, especially regarding the weather: upon our arrival here in Dublin, we immediately had the pleasure of experiencing the Irish climate (especially the rain!). However this didn’t discourage us and, with

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Mircea Simionica

Mircea Simionica is 24 years old and he is originally from Romania but has been living in Italy since he was 12 years old. He is currently studying for his Masters in Quantitative Finance at Bocconi University in Milan. His

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