Summer in Budapest

After the great  starting week in Barcelona, we (me and Juraj) have flown into our  Hungarian site for the rest of the summer project in the Beauty on the Danube – the city of Budapest. Budapest I was simply amazed

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This summer is hot!

Dear readers, in this blog I offer a brief digest of impressions, memories,  and thoughts from the past few weeks, when I started on my adventure/journey for wisdom and experience in High Performance Computing in two beautiful cities Barcelona and Budapest. At

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Remote accelerated graphics with VirtualGL and TurboVNC


In this short blog I would like to do something useful. My supervisor Gábor encouraged me to write a short Quick Start Guide to remote connections. The task we’ll discuss is pretty common – you want to connect to another

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Ján Hreha

Ján Hreha is from Slovakia and he is spending this amazing summer (of HPC) at NIIF in beautiful Budapest in Hungary working with The power of GPUs for Atomistic Simulations. Ján is currently 26 years old and spent last 10 years learning and promoting

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