Chat with PhD Student Irina Tihaa about Neuroelectronics

This Friday the JSC’s summer students arrived, which meant that I was able to tag along for their introductory tour of the Jülich Föreschungszentrum. We cycled around the campus with our guide, Irina Tihaa, a PhD student studying “neuroelectronics”. I

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Eloping for Graduation, Mother-tongues in Programming

Doing a summer internship might feel like skipping a well-deserved vacation after a long year at uni, but fortunately most supervisors are pretty flexible about giving us students some days off. Last week I flew back to Manchester for a

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Ants in Groceries and First Impressions

Moving countries is always a bit of a hassle, even if you are only coming for a summer internship. Things can, and often will, go slightly wrong, but I don’t think it should stop anyone from signing up to new

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Training Week at Edinburgh

“Hey, thought this might be of interest…” A one line email with a link from my supervisor this spring. The website was of course,, and I did in fact, find it of interest. The opportunity to work in a

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