An overview of my project

  Now I have finished my time in Germany, I think it’s time I told you all a little about what I was actually doing there.  My project was entitled “Making Quarks Phli Further” and was basically on quantum chromodynamics

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Exploring Germany

Now that I have settled into life in Jülich (and on a good day I can get to the office without getting lost), I decided it was time to explore the surrounding area.  There are many larger cities surrounding the

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Getting lost in Juelich

A Summer of HPC started with a week in Barcelona. This week comprised of intensive training sessions in high performance computing tools and techniques. This was a good opportunity for people like me with no previous high performance computing knowledge

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Sarah Jenkins

Sarah is from The University of York, England. During her time there she studied physics, specialising in computational magnetism. This led to her masters thesis being entitled “The atomistic origin of exchange bias in Iridium Manganese/Cobalt Iron bilayers”. This is

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