Visualising how the World’s Centre for Supercomputing Shifted over the Last Decade

1. Introduction In an age marked by data-driven knowledge, visualisation plays a major role for exploring and understanding datasets. Visualisations have an amazing ability to condense, analyse, and communicate data as if telling a story with numbers. In contrast to

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The Clusters of Supercomputers: The Top500 List in the Eyes of Machine Learning

1. Introduction This summer I started to make my first steps towards the field of HPC. My participation to the SoHPC program sparked my curiosity about this field and I have become willing to learn more about the world’s most

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Automated Extraction of Metadata from Climate Simulations: Project Wrap-Up

1. Introduction As the project intensively included the processing of NetCDF datasets, this section serves as a brief background to the NetCDF format and its underlying data structure. NetCDF stands for “Network Common Data Form”. The NetCDF creators (Rew, Davis,

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An Interactive Visualisation to Explore the Top500 List

1. Introduction Among many definitions of visualisation, I prefer when perhaps it was ideally described as the transformation of the symbolic into the geometric (McCormick, 1987). In this sense, visualisation methods are increasingly embraced to explore, communicate, and establish our

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Visualising the World Map of Supercomputers

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”, John Tukey. Introduction Data visualisation continues to change the way we see, interpret and understand the world around us. But it

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Shared But Hard to Use: Helping Climate Researchers Share, Discover, and Use Data

1. The Problem Sharing data among researchers is usually an afterthought. In our case, data is already shared publicly on a data repository, which is called DSpace. DSpace serves as an open-access repository for scholarly data published in various scientific

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Collect-Organise-Visualise: A Visualisation Dashboard for Fostering the Exploration of Climate Data

Visualisation is realising a growing recognition as a pivotal part of the data analysis process. As the title suggests, the project aims to avail data visualisation to help the climate research community answer or discover interesting questions about the field.

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Mahmoud Elbattah

Hi, My name is Mahmoud, originally from Egypt, and currently a PhD student at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). I have been enjoying my time very much in Ireland. I love the vibrant campus of NUIG, and the

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