If your problem is too big, make it smaller!

Welcome back everyone! Finally, we are ready to talk about the project. Recalling what I said in my previous post, when doing lattice QCD simulations, I said that we need to “let evolve” the quarks. More precisely, we need to

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Studying the smallest particles with the biggest machines

Hi everyone! Welcome back! It’s has been three weeks since we arrived in Nicosia. As an introduction to Cyprus culture, our site coordinator (shout-out to Stelios!) took us out for a meze the night we landed. I’ve never seen so many

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Marc Illa Subiña

Hi there, my name is Marc, I’m 24 years old, and I’m in my first year of PhD at the Universitat de Barcelona, in Catalonia. I’ve done all my studies in Barcelona, starting with a Bachelor degree in Physics, then

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