A patient-specific geometrical model for coronary arteries: introducing Yağmur

In order to perform realistic numerical simulations of the blood flow problem or the fluid-structure interaction problem between the blood and the arterial walls, the geometrical representation of the vascular network has to be as detailed as possible. Within this framework,

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One framework to simulate (nearly) every problem: Welcome, OpenFOAM!

The topic of our projects in Istanbul is simulation and visualisation of bioflow in coronary arteries. Since a lot about visualisation software such as ParaView and Visit has already been said, today we want to introduce the simulation software we will

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Edinburgh: Where Future and Past Bump into Each Other

This week 24 young students meet in the historical town of Edinburgh. We are coming from different countries all over Europe in order to discuss how we could solve open problems which affect the mankind since long time. This problems

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