Budapest Sparty Map

As promised, here I’ll give you a list of bars and “cool” things to do in Budapest. Thermal Springs and Spas First of all, you must know that Budapest has extraordinary thermal baths and spas where tourists and city residents

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Exploring the Quantum World with SIESTA

What is Quantum Physics about? In a “tiny” nutshell, the Quantum World is made of atoms and molecules (i.e. atoms bonded together). Atoms can be seen as little beads, however they have an internal structure: a nucleus made of protons

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Surfing in the HBONE+

After 3 weeks of acclimatization in Budapest, I am finally ready to present you the NIIF Institute where I am currently working with Elisavet. The first weeks were mostly about learning how to use new tools and how to send

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EXIT Festival next to Belgrade

Last weekend I’ve been to Serbia as a special guest at Onur & Caoimhín’s place. The travel from Budapest was a bit long by train and quite rough due to several police ID checks. However, I met a friendly Serbian

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Celebrating the end of the lessons at Alien Rock

After a hard-working day of OpenMP, we decided to do some “extreme” sport. The SoHPC climbing team was formed by Vojtech, Lukas and me (Nicolas). We decided to go to a gym recommended by Nix called Alien Rock. The particularity of this place

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SoHPC – The Week so far: Pollock Halls & OpenMP

Image of the group having a picnic in Pollock Halls, Edinburgh

The Summer of HPC Training week began on Sunday. Those of us more experienced in the kind of weather that can usually be expected in Edinburgh were pleasantly surprised when we arrived on Saturday. Those who hail from sunnier climes

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