A Recipe To Train A Machine

Hi, this is going to be my last post. I am going to introduce to you the machine learning (ML) pipeline in my project 🙂 In short, ML is a set of approaches to make data predictions using a series

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Which is the busiest node in the HPC cluster

What is a high-performance computer (HPC)? In simple terms, nowadays it is a cluster of innumerous ‘mini’ computers (nodes) interlinked by the same network. When a big calculation is submitted to the HPC, it will be fragmented into thousands of

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My journey to the summer of HPC

—May all your dreams blossom ✿   Friends, are you considering applying for the PRACE Summer of HPC program but are concerned that you might not have the relevant experience? Are you worried that your programming skills are not good enough

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Forest Road, take me to the Summer of HPC…

It has been one and a half weeks since the PRACE Summer of HPC program has begun. I have settled here very well, having a quick run in the forest just before breakfast, enjoying the singing of the birds, working on the

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Shukai Wang

Hi everyone! I am Shukai Wang, a Chinese girl from a very very very beautiful city, called Hangzhou (you should visit!), I have spent my past 7 years in the UK but I am now following the two-month PRACE Summer of HPC program

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