All good things must come to an end

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks, but all good things must come to an end. The time has come for the preparation of the final report and the video presentation. My project has reached a satisfactory position and

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Parallel boundary point method: Matlab has surrendered to C++!

After a little bit over a month of coding I can finally state it: Matlab has been knocked out! Both by the serial and parallel version of the C++ code actually. I am satisfied with that. Ever since I started

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Passing a library-defined matrix over MPI

The communication of data between processes is a fundamental concept of MPI. In algorithm development one usually makes use of external dedicated linear algebra libraries (I choose Armadillo for my summer project) mainly because they are well tested, have good

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Some updates from Slovenia

Already leaving almost a month of the SoHPC behind…time goes by pretty fast when you have fun! Let’s recap the things that happened over the last few weeks. The project first. After translating the code from Matlab into C++, I

Thoughts: from the mind to the keyboard…from Barcelona to Slovenia

The time has come! After a training week in Barcelona, I arrived in Novo Mesto (Slovenia). First things first… I left Barcelona with beautiful memories. The training week was an occasion to network with new people and to build some

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Paolo Grossi

Paolo is 23 years old and comes from Italy. He graduated some months ago with a Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Parma. He heard about the Summer of HPC thanks to his brother and he was delighted to

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