As I have already mentioned in earlier posts, my project is Timeline Profiling and Visualisation with Python; so I am actually using too much Python. But why should someone else bother learning Python? Well,there are several reasons! First of all,

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A Greek in Edinburgh- PART 2

Well it’s been over a month now,so let me give more perspectives on my experiences here! First of all,everything is still good with work,my flatmates and the weather! Yes, weather is back to usual; now it’s cloudy, in ten minutes

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Timeline Profiling & Visualisation in Python : The first introduction

Project Description About a week ago, I was asked to write a few words about my project on Summer of HPC. The abstract on that report was this: This project’s objective is to make Python interaction with Score-P possible. The

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A Greek in Edinburgh – PART 1

It’s been 2 weeks now and still i can’t believe i’m here!I survived through the training week – although i did learn a lot of about OpenMP and MPI – and now the time has come for me to actually

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SoHPC – The Week so far: Pollock Halls & OpenMP

Image of the group having a picnic in Pollock Halls, Edinburgh

The Summer of HPC Training week began on Sunday. Those of us more experienced in the kind of weather that can usually be expected in Edinburgh were pleasantly surprised when we arrived on Saturday. Those who hail from sunnier climes

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