Two months of Ireland in photos

The Summer of HPC is almost at its end and I feel the need to reflect on everything I have experienced during these two exciting months. With so many various adventures, I found it hard to summarize, so I decided

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Galway, the town of rain

The supervisor of my project, Enda O’Brien, is not based in Dublin, as is the largest part of the ICHEC office. He works in Galway, Ireland’s fourth largest city with a population of approximately 75 thousand. There is a quite large

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Looking back at the training week

During the last few weeks before the Summer of HPC, I literally didn’t stop for a second. I was exhausted after trying to finish my exams so I was really looking forward to some time off. And what can be

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Ondřej Ticháček

Ondřej is from the Czech Republic. He is studying applied mathematics at Czech Technical University in Prague at the faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He is currently dealing with a mathematical model of the inner ear and hearing

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