Summer of HPC 2015

UPDATE: Project Presentations!!!

The Youtube playlist for the Summer of HPC Project presentations is up and live! It is time to see what Summer of HPC is all about! Check out the awesome projects our amazing participants have been working on for the last 2 months! Click here for the YouTube playlist or click the play button below!


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Friends and family

In front of Pantheon

Hi everyone again! I would like to share my other trip in Italy with you. I went to Lucca to visit a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His name is Luca. I went to Lucca through Pisa. I

15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 4)

Speedup of the Fibrin test

After visiting Edinburgh Castle during the previous weekend, I was determined to dive deeper into all those things that are typical for Edinburgh. One of the most iconic ones? The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo! The actually affordable tickets (starting at

Wi-Fi Planner, a breakthrough in gaming history

Wi-Fi Planner badass screenshot

After the presentation of the trailer at Gamescom and subsequent hype among its attendees, I am glad to announce the upcoming release of Wi-Fi Planner; the ultimate simulation game in which choosing the right spot to place your router or

Visualization of Olfactory Bulb Neural Network

A hundred of mitral cells from a different perspective

Hi everyone, In this post, I would like to share what I have done so far and what the next steps are in my project with you. I am responsible for the visualization of olfactory bulb data. Olfactory bulb is a

MediVis project at Ostrava – CT prefiltering, segmentation and visualization

Segmentation results

In this post I would like to continue the introduction section with the prefiltering, segmentation and visualization parts. As it was mentioned before, during the scanning process the CT machine recreates the inner image of the body in sequential axial

MediVis project at Ostrava – CT scan

3D liver

At this time I would like to introduce you to my project at IT4I National Supercomputing Center at Ostrava, Check. During this summer I was involved in a very interesting Post-processing and 3D visualization for medical 3D Visualization from CT images.

Exploring Germany

Cologne Cathedral

Now that I have settled into life in Jülich (and on a good day I can get to the office without getting lost), I decided it was time to explore the surrounding area.  There are many larger cities surrounding the

Two months of Ireland in photos

IMG_1393 (1)

The Summer of HPC is almost at its end and I feel the need to reflect on everything I have experienced during these two exciting months. With so many various adventures, I found it hard to summarize, so I decided

4 things Irish people should know before they go abroad

2015-06-29 22.04.24

Since getting a chance to travel a bit I’ve noticed a few things that I wish I had known before I leaving Dublin. For my fellow Irish I have compiled this short list of things you should keep in mind in hope that

Update from Nicosia


After barely surviving last week’s heatwave, I’m quite pleased to report things have cooled back down in Nicosia to an almost chilly 37 degrees. In the weeks since my last post, I’ve had the good fortune to discover Nicosia’s wide


15 January 2015: Programme announced
01 February 2015: Projects are available for preview and possible clarifications.
20 February 2015: Application starts
08 March 2015: Application closes (extended on 6 March 2015)
15 March 2015: Application closes
22 March 2015: Recommendation deadline
01 April 2015: Student invitations and survey
03 April 2015: Student acceptance/reserves, rejects deadline
29 June 2015: Training week starts
06 July 2015: Participants start with projects at sites
21 July 2015: Week 3 Plan submitted
25 August 2015: Final Report submitted
27 August 2015: Presentations
31 August 2015: Programme ends
01 October 2015:Awards Ceremony
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