Adrian Lundell

Adrian Lundell

Hello, my name is Adrian and I am attending the Summer of High Performance Computing program doing the project Hybrid AI Enhanced Monte Carlo Methods for Matrix Computation on Advanced Architectures. It might seem like a lot of words, but essentially it boils down to replacing some part of different algorithms for solving very large linear equation systems with reinforcement learning. I will expand on this in upcoming posts, but for now all I can say is that it feels like a very exciting project and that I will definitely learn a lot!

As for my background I just finished my first year as a master student in the Complex Adaptive System program at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, following three years doing the Engineering Mathematics bachelor. This means that I have studied plenty of linear algebra, algorithms, and programming, making this project a perfect fit for me. Also, the master thesis and the resulting end of my studies is on the horizon, and so SoHPC might be a hint of what sort of work I will be doing after that. When I am not doing that type of work I know that I like to go climbing, watching a nice movie, or having a coffee together with a dear friend.

Happy computing! /Adrian

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