Alex Rodriguez Segrelles

Alex Rodriguez Segrelles

Shut up and kiss meAlejandro is a student from Valencia, Spain. Right now he is working towards finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in the Software Engineering branch.

He would really like to head his career towards working in the gaming industry, and his summer project could give him a good head start. He will spend the summer in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where is the National Supercomputing Center IT4Innovations. There he will be working on the project Journey to the centre of the human body, where he will work on the interactive representation of data of a human body acquired from Computed Tomography or Magnetic Resonance.

Besides working, he would also like to travel to Ostrava’s surrounding countries. Czech Republic is a very well situated country for traveling, since it’s in the center of Europe and there’s plenty of international buses and trains available. He loves to learn everything about different cultures. Back in Spain he is a collaborator in Erasmus Social Network, so he is often surrounded by people from all over the world.
He also does love learning languages. Right now he is mostly into learning Czech and Polish, but he also learnt some German some time ago. He speaks Spanish and Valencian as mother tongues, but since he is hanging out so much with foreigners, he almost considers English as his first language.

He is very active, so doing some exercise is usually a few times in his weekly schedule. Even though he’s from the capital of football fans, he doesn’t follow it and rather watch or play basketball over it any day. Last years he is not playing sports much, the exercising part became mostly jogging and going to the gym.  And pierogi.

Checking snow depth in SněžkaHe is also able to solve a rubik’s cube in less than a minute. Sounds like a big achievement, but with not so much practice it’s easy to beat his time. He also likes bigger cubes and fancier ones.

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  1. Peggy Mama says:

    “And pierogi” is my best part <3

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