After 2 months of planning and training the results are finally ready. If you want to check how we made it and what we achieve keep reading…

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How could you teach anyone to do a task right if you don’t know how to tell how bad is doing it? Well we have kind of the same problem… we even have multiple solutions!!

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My name is Andreu and I’m working on a project about implementing DNN for Astrophysical problems in the SoHPC program. If you are curious about HPC and how to implement in edge science, this post is for you!

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Project reference: 2009 Deep neural networks (DNNs) are evaluated and used in many areas today, to replace or complement traditional technologies. In this project the student will develop a DNN to detect and localize selected objects in images. As object …

Object Detection Using Deep Neural Networks – AI from HPC to the Edge Read More »

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