Hi everyone! Welcome to my fourth and last blog post about my work on SoHPC 2020. Today, I will explain one last optimisation and then I will share the project’s video presentation with you. So let’s get started! Optimised CUDA …

Concluding my experience with final thoughts and video Read More »

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Hello everybody!I am really excited writing this blog post – I have some cool stuff I want to share with you.If you missed last time’s post, I described what the project is about and mentioned one optimization for the serial …

Code. Run. Drink. Repeat. Parallel codes on HPC systems Read More »

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Hello everybody! I hope you are all well.As you can see in the featured image I am really excited about receiving the programme’s t-shirt! So, in my last blog post I introduced myself and asked you to answer a question …

To Py or not to Py? – Python project update Read More »

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My story Greetings everyone!My name is Antonios-Kyrillos Chatzimichail (too long, I know, friends call me Antonis) and I am excited to be a part of PRACE Summer of HPC this year. I was born on May, 1999 in Thessaloniki, Greece, …

Let me introduce myself; Caution, magic ahead! Read More »

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Project reference: 2007 Python is widely used in scientific research for tasks such as data processing, analysis and visualisation. However, it is not yet widely used for large-scale modelling and simulation on high performance computers due to its poor performance …

Performance of Parallel Python Programs on New HPC Architectures Read More »

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