Hello everyone, unfortunately, this is my last blog post, but I am very happy to have spent 2 months in the Summer of HPC.  I don’t remember a summer when I learned so much and improve myself. In my previous post, …

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Hello everyone, it’s Elman, again!!! If you are read my first blog post you should know I am an intern in SURFsara and this blog I will give you some basic information about HPC systems and what I do in …

Be Ready for Information Overload About My Internship Read More »

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Hi, Hoi , Hola, Merhaba … , I don’t know how many different languages I should say ‘Hello’, because now I have a lot of friends around Europe, and it’s time to meet with me. It is Elman from Turkey. …

Elman Hamdi’s HPC life Read More »

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Project reference: 2017 In the race for exascale, supercomputer architectures evolve fast and the variety of competitive hardware solutions has made benchmarking an increasingly important and difficult task for HPC specialists. Today, there is a growing interest from supercomputing centres …

Benchmarking and performance analysis of HPC applications on modern architectures using automating frameworks Read More »

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