Elman Hamdi’s HPC life

Elman Hamdi’s HPC life
My new friend HPC

Hi, Hoi , Hola, Merhaba … , I don’t know how many different languages I should say ‘Hello’, because now I have a lot of friends around Europe, and it’s time to meet with me. It is Elman from Turkey. I am an undergraduate student in Izmir, studying Computer Engineering and I have finished my 3rd grade in university just 8 days ago and on the same day, this travel started.

Now I am an intern at SURFsara on ‘Benchmarking and performance analysis of HPC applications on modern architectures using automating frameworks’ in Netherland with my new friend Jesus. Indeed, PRACE, SURFsara and my colleagues are very friendly and thanks to them I am learning a lot of new things.

I know this information never excited you, so I want to talk about my hobbies. I love to code something absolutely, but I love making videos and animations, drawing pictures but actually drawing new project it is can be a design of an application or a logo, interesting on electricity, for example, I have an electricity longboard which is I bought all its parts and merge them and now I have an ‘avelboard’ this is a name I put on it. Hopefully, one day it will be ‘avelcar’. If you are wondering about me please visit avelman.com.

Now, thanks to PRACE and its partners I am a participant in Summer Of HPC, and this summer I am going to learn a lot of thing about HPC. I can say now I spend two weeks for it and It will be the most precious summer of my life although working remove.

You can find me on my LinkedIn. Please feel free to send my a message.

See you in my other articles!!!

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