After this two month being part of the PRACE Summer of HPC, contributing to the MPAS (Model Prediction Across Scales) together with Jonas Eschenfelder, I not only learned how to run MPAS atmospheres, on the national Supercomputer: ARCHER2, how to …

A virtual journey – from vienna – over UK supercomputer – to MPAS earth atmosphere modelling Read More »

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One step forward, two steps back. The reality in the world of programming: At one moment you are making progress, as easily and efficiently as standing your dominoes end-to-end and then you just nudge your first domino and hundreds of …

Puzzle-Error-Puzzle-Error-Run Read More »

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That my life path brought me to Astronomy, computing and nature science,started as a child in the countryside of Austria in the dark nights.Even then I was a night owl, so I packed my blanket and my dog and left …

[Galaxies] Rescale: Rescale: [Earth Atmosphere Models] Read More »

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