My time in Amsterdam is coming to an end. Not only did Allison and I explore a lot, but we also learned a lot and are now finalising our projects. So, for one last time, I guess it’s time to …

Performance and Encryption goals – can you really have it all? Read More »

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Allison and Kara in Zaanse Schans

Just a quick info: This blog post was written by Allison Walker and Kara Moraw. Due to a missing plugin, the shared authorship is not displayed correctly, so we’re letting you know like this instead. ** This post is intended …

8 weeks in Amsterdam: Too Dutch of a good thing? Read More »

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So, as I mentioned in my previous post, my next task was to set up a virtual machine with KVM, the Linux hypervisor, and libvirt, a virtualization API, and add an encrypted disk to it. This I achieved yesterday with …

Disk encryption with LUKS Read More »

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So… Remember the test environment setup I was working on last time? I had to drop it last week. The PCOCC installation took me some time and a lot of patience, but it did run through at the end. Unfortunately, …

Change of plans Read More »

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With my second week ending here at SURFsara, I’ve learned quite a bit about the background of my project and those insights have been very interesting, so I thought I’d share them with you! On a usual supercomputer, networks and …

Building a supercomputer in a cloud Read More »

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Me in Varde Miniby (Denmark)

Hey everyone, I’m Kara, studying Computer Science in Bonn, Germany. While at university I mostly lean towards courses on IT Security topics, I am excited to work in HPC this summer. Starting next week, I will be in Amsterdam figuring …

Kara Moraw Read More »

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Project reference: 1920 There is an increasing demand for processing confidential data, such as the genetic makeup of humans, personal data, and data that, if leaked or modified, could have serious legal consequences. Normally, supercomputers and clusters are shared by …

Encrypted volumes for PCOCC private clusters Read More »

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