The microscopic world is alive! Thorium (green balls) and Carbon (brown balls) atoms frantically move in the potential novel nuclear fuels material

Thorium sesquicarbide (Th2C3) is a potential candidate as a nuclear fuel for generation IV advanced reactors. The microscopic structure of this compound is shown in the figure. Physicists call that cube unit cell of the material, i.e. the smallest portion …

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How are the materials made? How do electrons and ions arrange in a stable structure? Is your material a metal or an insulator? Is it opaque or transparent? Finally, is it a good nuclear fuel? Density Functional Theory (DFT) is …

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Is the gas too high? What about a new fuel? We all know that in recent years the cost of energy in Europe has been rapidly growing , fossil fuels are insufficient to face the demand and they have a …

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