Can’t `$ touch this`: Containerisation on permissioned HPC systems using Singularity

In my previous blog post, I discussed the advantages of containerisation when it comes to reproducibility. In short, if you package all of the tools necessary to run your experiments, you can ensure that in future, folk can rerun your

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Dusting off some gold

Let’s go back, way back… The year is 2014. Pharrell Williams’ Happy is number 1 on the charts, and a former Etonian is Prime Minister of the UK. The motivating paper for my project is released: Toward the efficient use

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Perry Gibson

Hello! My name is Perry, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve just completed my first degree, an MInf in Informatics, at The University of Edinburgh. For my summer of HPC, I will be working at the BSC, Barcelona. I’m curious about

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Reproducing Automated Heterogeneous Memory Data Distribution Literature Results and Beyond

Project reference: 1902 Supercomputers are a key tool for professionals from many disciplines to address society challenges, enabling them to perform, e. g., climate change simulations or genome analysis. European Commission’s high-performance computing (HPC) Strategy, implemented in the Horizon 2020

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