by Mario Gaimann & Raska Soemantoro (joint blog post) Hi everybody! It’s Raska and Mario here, back for a joint blog post. As we’re nearing the end of Summer of HPC 2021, we’ll be talking about how the project has …

Marine geologists love this new AI method that can recognize seabed structures! Read More »

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Hi everyone! It’s Raska again here with a quick update on our Summer of HPC project. I gave little outline in my previous blog post (if you haven’t seen it, check it out here: (Machine) Learning How to Sea) and …

This one weird algorithm can understand seabed reliefs! Read More »

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An excited Raska on a beautiful English day. [1] Manchester, UK – the birds are chirping, and the sun is unusually cooperative in England this morning. I get up and commence my daily routine, which obviously includes the mandatory tub …

(Machine) Learning How to Sea: Meet Raska Read More »

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